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Advanced Driving is the ability to control the position and speed of your vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility. The following provides further information and has been recently published in the local press What is Advanced Driving.

We prepare drivers in North West London and South Hertfordshire to reach a standard to be able to take their Advanced Driving Test. Find out how here. If you are interested in Advanced Driving and live in our area, why not join the 100,000+ members of the IAM, including the 300+ members of our group, and become an Advanced Motorist.

There are many benefits to taking your Advanced Driving Test. Through IAM Surety, members may be eligible for preferential car insurance quotes. Also available is Free RAC membership, and preferential rates on selected new Fiat and Alfa cars. In addition, by driving to a system, your observation and driving style will reduce the wear and tear inflicted on your vehicle as a result of reactions to unexpected events, and this may also help to reduce your fuel bills.

Younger drivers have a disproportionate vulnerability and we have a Younger Members' representative to assist those who join our Group.

Already a member of our group? Why not take a free Refresher Drive. Click Here for details

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